"Colicchio" - Words, Music and Pictures

A Collaboration by John Albani and Mark Stacy
Featuring John Albani Photos to accompany the Mark Stacy CD "Colicchio"


For a long time I had wanted to do an album project which included an image to go along with each song on the record. I was working on mixing songs for the "Colicchio" album with a friend of mine, recording engineer John Albani. He had recorded some of the tracks at his studio, some at mine, and along with tracks I had recorded myself, was mixing everything for the album in his studio. During the time we were working on the album, John was rediscovering his interest in photography and the stuff he was showing me looked great.

I approached him with the idea of us collaborating on a project. The project would include a photograph to go with each song on the CD. Each photograph would illustrate something from the song, and be mounted along with a large print of the associated song lyric. John said he loved the idea, and since he was mixing the songs and had heard them quite a lot, he understood right away what I was imagining.

We sat down one morning with some coffee, and went down the list, song by song, discussing ideas for images that would go with each lyric. Some of the ideas were literal scenes from the songs, and some were more conceptual images to capture the intention of the lyric or music. We started making a list and ended up with several possibilities for some of the songs. Others, the first idea was perfect. We narrowed it down to one photo for each song.

The result is: "Colicchio" - Words, Music and Pictures. The collection consists of ten photographs taken by John, and mounted along with their associated lyric. The photographs are based on our concepts of how to illustrate the feeling of that lyric and the recording of the song on my "Colicchio" CD.

Original prints of the works will be displayed, and available at the CD release party, which will be at Douglas Corner Café Monday, May 10th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The work will also be available through the websites: www.johnalbaniphotos.com and www.markstacy.com

Hope you can come see the show and hear the record…

Mark Stacy ("Colicchio")