Mark Stacy CD release party for "COLICCHIO" at Douglas Corner Cafe
Monday, May 10th, 6:00PM, With John Albani Photo exhibit

Nashville songwriter/singer Mark Stacy
celebrates the release of his new CD, "COLICCHIO", Monday night, May 10th at 6:00 PM. The soirée will take place at Douglas Corner Café, 2106-A 8th Avenue, South.

There will be a preview of some of the tracks from the CD, and Stacy will perform some of the material from "COLICCHIO" live, along with some material from earlier releases. The show will also feature a photography exhibit: "COLICCHIO- Words, Music and Pictures", which is a

collaboration between Stacy, and photographer/recording engineer John Albani. The exhibit consists of ten photographs, each based on a concept from one of the songs on the CD, and mounted next to a print of its associated song lyric.

"COLICCHIO" is Stacy's third release on the 'Phonograph' imprint, preceded by his 2000 CD "naked" and the 1997 release "At This Table".

Stacy, a former Los Angeles Almo/Irving staff songwriter, has called Nashville home for the last ten years. Why call it "COLICCHIO", he is asked?
"Colicchio is my real last name. When I started performing, I shortened it to Mark Stacy, since Stacy is my middle name. People were having too much trouble saying and spelling Colicchio. But, Colicchio is what all my friends called me in school, and as a kid growing up on the West Coast. When some friends in Nashville heard the name and started using it again, it felt right, like old times.

Also, a lot of the songs on the CD are about my family, about growing up, and about my grandparents, who were, of coarse, Colicchios. It just seemed to fit."

Stacy, who splits his time between song writing, performing and audio engineering, has built his own recording studio, Downstairs Sound. There, in addition to working on his own material, he works with clients on song demos and independent albums. Some of his clients include Marty Stewart, Michael Johnson, Wayland Patton, and the Russian band, Bering Strait.

Douglas Corner Café is located at: 2106-A 8th Avenue, South Nashville, TN 37204 Tel (615) 298-1688

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